Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Shannon's Thanksgiving spread

I hope no one minds me doing this, but I wanted to have a post of just links to my entire Thanksgiving menu so (family that is using the same menu and) I can have it right on hand. I've also added a suggested rough time table as far as preparation goes. Maybe it will be helpful to some of you as well? Anyway, here it is.

My spread includes:

Superman Turkey (Brine this the night before and cook the next day)

Southern-style cornbread stuffing (you can start this the night before - cook the onions and celery, cube the breads, just don't mix them all together yet. The next morning, reheat the cooked veggie mixture and mix with the bread to bake.)

Green bean casserole - I make mine with homemade fried onion strings, although those croutons are the best ever. (This can be assembled the night before, just leave off the topping. The next day, put the topping on and bake.)

Orange-ginger cranberry chutney - I freeze the leftovers in ziplock bags (2/3 c batches) and plop the frozen chutney into a batch of plain muffin batter. Greatest. Muffins. Ever. No exaggeration. (This can be made up to 2 days in advance.)

Mashed potatoes (make these Thanksgiving day)

Turkey pan gravy (make this Thanksgiving day)

Mixed spring greens salad

Whole wheat rolls (can be made the day before if your Thanksgiving day is full, but they are best fresh out of the oven. I put them in and have them baking while I'm putting the very finishing touches on the rest of the meal.)

Butternut squash soup (this can be made the day before if needs be, just heat up and garnish. Or make it Thanksgiving day, but the squash can be roasted up to 2 days ahead of time.)

Spiced candied walnuts - I have these sitting out all day for people to snack on while they're waiting for the real food to be done. (these can be made within a week in advance. Just make sure there's still some left by the time Thanksgiving rolls around.)

Fresh pumpkin pie - I like to top mine with nutmeg whipped cream (heavy cream, add sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg to taste - whip until soft peaks form) (This can be made the day before, but the pumpkin can be roasted well ahead of time. Any remaining pumpkin can be frozen and stored up to 6 months.)

I can't wait for Thanksgiving!!!!


Nicole said...

Oh my gosh, Shannon! This is AMAZING! I want to be at YOUR Thanksgiving SO bad! For several reasons: A. lots of great recipes. B. Your an amazing cook. C. Then I wouldn't have to do a thing, because you've got it all under control. D. YOU will be there. :) Thanks for posting all these!

Shannon said...

Ha ha ha Nicole - I wish you were here too!!!! I really do take Thanksgiving seriously. I have a time table that I set up that highlights every hour for a week in advance. It's a little scary. But this year I won't be making all this stuff. We're going to a family member's house. Which makes me kind of sad because you know how much I love to cook and I look forward to this holiday all year long. But with the musical going on, I'm really glad to have an excuse not to make the meal. I think things would have become a little overwhelming. :) But I AM making the pie and the green bean casserole to bring because they're my favorite.

Shannon said...

What are you guys doing for Thanksgiving? Or are you doing anything?